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you must use new evidence and a new topic. You cannot repeat information from question one.

Below is for 2013 not this year

Choose your book and enjoy!!!

formal essay


select and get your book approved by Thursday, September 9th
Read book by Thursday, October 9th bring to class
Turn in annotated text
be ready to give your presentation on Monday/ turn in your final assignment, October 11th.
Expository Essay DUE

Final choice deadline is Monday, September 9th for sign up.

Here are your book choices:
Remember, we had to change the dates b/c of the Oct. break

see models of the books in the classroom
need help choosing a book? read the summaries:

Here is your required assignment due October 9-11:

Remember, submit turnitin for part 2 & 3, not part one.
As an Honors class, your passages and your explanations should reflect higher level responses and not simply plot recall. You should go further to explore the "why", the "how", and the "where". Your chosen passages should reflect a wide range of depth and breadth that span the contents of the entire novel. All work must be original and any plagiarism will receive a zero for the assignment. Plagiarism includes any form of copying from an online source, book source, or other student from any class.
Read the requirements for your choice book assignment.
need more help? view how to annotate annotating help

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